About Us

stylish. thoughtful. functional   

 we're on a quest to create the best destination for selective gifts & modern decor that bring lasting memories.    

inspired by too many choices

 the phenomenon of choice overload has only gotten worse over the years. not only we want to bring you lasting memories as a gift-giver or recipient, but we also drive to make the gift buying process a lot more pleasant and efficient by bringing you the best selective choices out of thousands of products.   

your gift concierge 

we are acting as your gift & decor concierge by bringing you the best possible choices out of thousands of products curated and researched by many of our team members, who have a long professional career behind them. we believe that by improving this buying experience, we can enhance the whole process.   

gift giving and receiving  

a big part of gift-giving is also personalized gift wrapping and personalized notes that accompany any memorable gift-giving experience. once selected by the customer, our team has captured this by making sure each gift comes with an exquisite gift wrap and/or a personalized note.  


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