How to enhance Gift buying experience during the pandemic?

How to enhance Gift buying experience during the pandemic?

Posted by the Giftbori Team on 30th Mar 2020

As the world is currently navigating uncharted waters, one of the major changes stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic is the shift towards online buying. If online shopping has enjoyed growing popularity over the last decade, the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the digital transformation. Indeed, as of April 21, retailers had enjoyed a 146% year-over-year growth in all online retail orders. Further, a study from Statistica published at the end of May 2020 shows that consumers are increasingly shopping online across countries and categories.

Another important change the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about is social isolation. Indeed, stay-at-home orders and lockdown rules make it difficult to see family members or friends. Over 35,7 million Americans live alone and the epidemic is taking a toll on a lot of them. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to stay connected, in these difficult times. Besides, the pandemic has made the world reflect on material possessions; by reminding us we’re not eternal, mother nature has led us to put things into perspective and seek a deeper meaning in things.

A recent study carried in June 2020 and published in the Diamond Instant Flash Report has even shown that 56% of people think gifts should be meaningful and convey the importance and value of the gift recipient to the gift giver. Nothing beats a hug, but gift-giving is still an excellent way to express your love and appreciation to your close ones during social isolation. They’ll find comfort knowing that you’re thinking about them. However, current circumstances might have you wondering how to shop for thoughtful gifts in these unusual times? 

benefits of online gift shopping

Many health experts and officials have been advocating for people to stay at home as much as possible and only to go shopping in-store if absolutely essential. Aaron E. Glatt, for instance, a spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America recommends avoiding the shops whenever possible.

If in-store shopping can sometimes deliver great experiences (especially when shopping for a gift as you can ask for advice), shops have rapidly adapted to the new landscape working hard to enhance the gift experience for their customers. However, some shops are better suited than others to face the current circumstances. This is undeniably the case for Giftobori, as we offer a carefully curated selection of thoughtful gifts saving you from having to mix with the crowds and potentially put your health at risk.

Shopping online is not only convenient and the best way to protect your health at the moment, but it’s also effortless as your gift is only a few clicks away. It also saves you the time and hassle of having to drive to the shop and wander through the stores until you finally find what you need.

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At Giftbori, we take our work very seriously as we think you only deserve the best. When you’re looking for a gift for your loved ones, you can rest assured our team has worked very hard to curate high-quality thoughtful gifts, out of thousands of products, that will delight the receiver. Our long-standing experience in the industry has enabled us to develop an eye for unique and stylish gifts.

Besides, we always provide our customers with products that are both thoughtful and functional. Gift Giving is a wonderful way to spark happiness, strengthen bonds, show the receiver you sympathize with their situation or that you value the special bond you have with them. Think about how happy you are when you receive a random act of kindness, like a surprise gift. Whatever the occasion might be and whether you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for men, house gifts or thoughtful gifts for women, we carry a vast array of beautiful gifts to cater to a wide range of needs.

We offer a personalized gift-wrapping service to save you the time and the fuss of having to wrap it yourself but also to make this gift even more special. You can even add a personalized note, so your loved ones know that you care. Our website has been designed with you in mind, to provide you with a rewarding and simple experience.

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