Sterling Silver Earrings - Gold Plated Elliptic

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Christin Ranger Gold Plated Sterling Silver Elliptic earrings

Expected release date is 31st Jan 2021

These beautiful gold-plated sterling silver earrings come with curved forms and angular geometric shapes that create an eye-catching contemporary look. Earrings are finished in luxurious satin gold-plated sterling silver. It’s a perfect gift that is beautiful and elegant for anyone.


Design: Sophisticated Modern

Colors: Gold

Materials: Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Measurements: 12 x 48 mm / 0.47 x 1.88 inches

Origin: Designed in the UK

Uses: A beautiful gold-plated sterling silver earrings make a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a contemporary look. Earrings can be worn every day or on special occasions.

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